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WEEK OF JUNE 26, 2020

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What is Trivia?

Play 1000s of exciting quizzes to take short breaks from work and engage with teammates for fun right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. Bring Social & Fun back to your workplace with Trivia!

  • About Trivia

    About Trivia

    Slack & Microsoft Teams may be for work but with remote teams, they are the only source of camaraderie and team-building

    With Trivia's suite of quizzes, bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack & Microsoft Teams)

    Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch and provide a quick, 5-minute break to your workday. And they're real-time, meaning the team comes together to play!

  • Pricing


    • Free trial: 7-day trial with 10 quizzes to try for free
    • Standard: For workspaces up to 100 members with unlimited quizzes
    • Pro: For workspaces with more than 100 members with unlimited quizzes and exclusive feature to create custom quizzes
    • We'd like to introduce the coupon TRIVONRT20 to offer 20% OFF for the remote.tools audience
  • When to use Trivia

    When to use Trivia

    • Teams that use Slack & Microsoft Teams for communication
    • Remote teams looking to make employee engagement better
    • For making the most of breaks along the course of the day and boost team productivity
    • Breaking the monotony of working all day
    • Building a stronger and more connected remote work culture

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Trivia is completely based on tools that have supported remote collaboration intensively - Slack & Microsoft Teams. We really believe that we can encourage better engagement amongst employees and increase productivity by introducing fun and quick breaks while working remotely
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Trivia Reviews

  • Abhash Kumar

    Hello Remote Tools community! 🙌

    Quick context: At Springworks (our company), we moved to WFH from mid-March
    and then announced our remote-first policy on May 6th. We’ve been since optimizing our home offices and our Slack workspace for productivity and testing lots of team-building activities. 👊

    We saw lots of traction with Quizzes, but they required fixing up a timeslot, downloading a separate app and conducting the quiz over a Zoom call. 🤨

    That’s when we decided to build a Slack app. Introducing Trivia! 🚀

    With Trivia’s suite of quizzes, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack) even while working remotely. Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch, and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday. And they’re real-time, meaning the team comes together to play! That’s the point. 😇

    MCQs - multiple choice questions with 4 answers each across topics like science, tech, business, movies, entertainment, and even Maths and Grammar. Look out for the GoT, The Office and Harry Potter quizzes as well. 😍
    Seamless - play with your team anytime, anywhere right on top of Slack
    Multiple game types (coming soon) - for variety
    Leaderboards (coming soon)- track results real-time along with final podium standings showcased at the end. 👍🏻

    Check out this video for a walkthrough of how it works (watch at 2x speed): https://youtu.be/eCnQLbGeUNU

    Try it out. It’s free for the first 10 quizzes and 7 days trial included. 😊

    There are lots of features that will be coming in the next versions. Look forward to hearing from you on what features you’d like to see next - we may already have many of them on our roadmap! 🤩

    PS: Trivia for MS Teams is coming soon too!

           reply     4      over 2 years ago

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