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About Twist

Twist is a team communication app that keeps conversations organized, on-topic and easy to find (forever). Ranked by PCMag as the #1 communication app for distributed teams. From Doist, the 100% remote team behind Todoist.

Twist - Details & Top Features

Teams have hundreds of conversations happening at once – spread across inboxes or jumbled together in chats. Keeping up with it all is overwhelming. Unlike antiquated email and chaotic chat apps like Slack, Twist keeps team conversations organized, on-topic and easily searchable (forever). Twist is thread-based and asynchronous-friendly so that people can focus on work without feeling like they'll miss something important. Created by Doist – the fully remote team of 60+ people in 20+ countries.

Twist pricing - How much does Twist cost?

  • Free
  • $5/user/month for Unlimited
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Twist.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Twist was created by a fully remote team, for remote teams.
    It's a tool that is built especially for the unique challenges of remote work.
    Because Twist is thread-based (and not chat-based) it gives teams an asynchronous way to collaborate across multiple timezones.
    Threads plus powerful search allow remote teams to unearth any topic or decision – even years later.
    Twist was ranked the #1 communication app for distributed teams by PCMag.

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