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About Vectorly

Build engaged and productive teams. Develop skills, share knowledge, understand skill gaps, make continuous review, and have a full picture of your team skills with Vectorly.

Vectorly - Details & Top Features

✅ Create skillboards to organise skills for your team and set skill goals for each employee. ✅ Create promotion system based on clear skills requirements and performance results. ✅ Share knowledge faster with Vectorly web-clipper and add any types of content to skills. ✅ Develop skills by real tasks with Trello and Jira integration and track how employees grow in the process of work.

Vectorly pricing - How much does Vectorly cost?

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Employees' productivity decreases by up to 50% when they don't see how to grow in your company. Especially if this is a remote workers. We help to set clear growth paths for teams.

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