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About WebBoard

WebBoard is an online collaboration tool for teachers, instructors, managers, developers and designers. An app with a vast number of features which can make collaborating with your team seamless.

WebBoard - Details & Top Features

WebBoard is a web whiteboard app with advanced drawing and real time collaboration capabilities, which was made for schools, small businesses and individuals to avoid the hassle of having to physically be at a location to collaborate with your team.

WebBoard pricing - How much does WebBoard cost?

  • 10 € per month
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    Relevance to Remote Work

    WebBoard is a virtual whiteboard web application which is designed to help you communicate and share ideas with your team. An ideal collaboration tool for lecturers, managers, designers and developers. The only real-time collaboration tool that has all the tools you’ll ever need WeBoard enables you to create amazing sketches on desktop, mobile and TV devices and share them with your team in real-time. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser! WeBoard is an online, secure, cross-device and touch-friendly solution for distributed teams, online instructors, managers, and leaders. With it, you can turn every online board into your office or classroom and use it to brainstorm or save your ideas.

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    • Eryk Ibarra

      WebBoard is super fun and easy to use. I have been loving my experience with it

             reply     0      over 1 year ago
    • Basheera Kunnil

      I don’t use a whiteboard tool all that much so I am satisfied with the free plan on WebBoard, suits me perfectly

             reply     0      over 1 year ago