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About Zenhub

ZenHub is a team collaboration solution built directly into GitHub. Plan roadmaps, use taskboards and generate automated reports directly from your team's work in GitHub.

Zenhub - Details & Top Features

ZenHub is natively integrated into GitHub, using Issues and GitHub’s underlying data to keep project progress up-to-date and your software roadmap on track. Bring project management and your product roadmap closer to the code to increase team productivity while aligning the entire organization around your most critical software projects.

Zenhub pricing - How much does Zenhub cost?

  • For small teams - $95 user/year For organizations looking to scale - $149 user/year
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Zenhub.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Multiple teams can work on the same issues and epics concurrently. Creating dependency relationships can help cut back on meetings, relay critical information for remote team members, and is a great way to understand the relationship between work to speed up software cycles.

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