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About Zepel

Zepel is the project management tool software product teams use to plan features, collaborate across teams, and track progress.

Zepel - Details & Top Features

Zepel is the project management tool that lets you bring members from every team together, so you can plan and track features you are building. Zepel is incredibly snappy. That means you get all of Zepel's awesomeness - Sprints, Kanban, Advanced Search, Desktop Widget, and more - with zero clutter. After all, you should be spending time building great features for your customers. Not figuring clunky project management tools. It's FREE without any restrictions for 5 members.

Zepel pricing - How much does Zepel cost?

  • Starts at $5/member/month
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Zepel.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Zepel helps remote teams to not just see how is doing what and where it stands, but also see how all the updates everyone performs moves the feature they are building forward. That way, everyone is aligned on one single goal, irrespective where they are around the world.

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