Baldur's Gate Name Generator

Embark on your adventure in the Forgotten Realms with our Baldur's Gate Name Generator! Create authentic and memorable names for your heroes or villains, perfect for your quests in Baldur's Gate 3 and beyond.

What is a Baldur's Gate Name Generator?

The Baldur's Gate Name Generator is designed to produce names that resonate with the high fantasy setting of Baldur's Gate, a popular series based on the Dungeons & Dragons framework. Whether you're rolling a new character or reviving an old favorite, these names will fit perfectly in the Sword Coast and beyond.

Baldur's Gate 3 Names

  1. Astarion

  2. Gale

  3. Wyll

  4. Lae'zel

  5. Shadowheart

  6. Volo

  7. Karlach

  8. Minthara

  9. Rath

  10. Halsin

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Baldur's Gate Names

  1. Minsc

  2. Jaheira

  3. Edwin

  4. Imoen

  5. Khalid

  6. Sarevok

  7. Gorion

  8. Elminster

  9. Viconia

  10. Dynaheir

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Baldur's Gate 3 Random Names

  1. Caelar

  2. Firkraag

  3. Isaea

  4. Oblek

  5. Thrix

  6. Nalia

  7. Korgan

  8. Arkanis

  9. Meilum

  10. Anomen

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Dragonborn Baldur's Gate 3 Names

  1. Balasar

  2. Geth

  3. Arjhan

  4. Torinn

  5. Kriv

  6. Ophinshtalajiir

  7. Bharash

  8. Patrin

  9. Thava

  10. Adrex

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Tiefling Baldur's Gate Names

  1. Neera

  2. Haer'Dalis

  3. Akachi

  4. Amelyssan

  5. Sorkatani

  6. Tiax

  7. Glint

  8. Baeloth

  9. M'Khiin

  10. SoD

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Baldur's Gate 3 Elf Names

  1. Sebille

  2. Lae'zel

  3. Jorlan

  4. Eldeth

  5. Fenthick

  6. Phaere

  7. Solafein

  8. Drizzt

  9. Alora

  10. Raelis

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FAQs on Baldur's Gate Name Generator

1. What can I use these Baldur's Gate names for?

These names are perfect for players creating characters for Baldur's Gate video games, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, or other fantasy settings that require rich, lore-based naming conventions.

2. How does the Baldur's Gate Name Generator work?

This generator mixes traditional, mythic, and created elements reflective of the diverse cultures and races found within the Baldur's Gate series and D&D universe to produce names that fit seamlessly into the game's world.

3. How can I create a meaningful Baldur's Gate name?

Consider the backstory, race, and characteristics of your character. A name that complements these elements enhances the immersion and narrative depth of your gameplay or story.

4. Are these names suitable for all types of fantasy projects?

Yes, whether you're engaging in tabletop RPGs, writing a fantasy novel, or gaming in the Baldur's Gate series, these names offer a broad spectrum of creative and authentic options.