Fantasy City Name Generator

Build worlds with our Fantasy City Name Generator! Perfect for authors, game designers, and world builders, this tool creates evocative and memorable city names, suitable for any fantasy setting from medieval to modern fantasy landscapes.

What is a Fantasy City Name Generator?

The Fantasy City Name Generator is designed to help creators develop distinctive and fitting names for cities in fantasy settings. Whether you're writing a book, designing a game, or creating a map, this tool offers a wide range of names that evoke the varied cultures and environments of a fantasy world.

Fantasy City Names

      1. Silverkeep

      2. Glimmerhold

      3. Dragon's Rest

      4. Wyrmwood

      5. Shadowfen

      6. Highgarden

      7. Starfall

      8. Moonhaven

      9. Sunspire

      10. Dawn's Harbor

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Random Fantasy City Names

      1. Frostgate

      2. Embermoor

      3. Thornwall

      4. Mistvale

      5. Verdant Ridge

      6. Stormhold

      7. Ironwell

      8. Marrow Keep

      9. Nightfall Shire

      10. Whisperwind

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Medieval Fantasy City Names

      1. Kingsport

      2. Ravensford

      3. Stonebridge

      4. Winterhall

      5. Griffon's Nest

      6. Castleview

      7. Blackwater

      8. Hammerfall

      9. Oldtown

      10. Shieldmeet

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Fantasy Human City Names

      1. Eastwatch

      2. Whitecliff

      3. Northbank

      4. Crow's Perch

      5. Goldshore

      6. Bannockburn

      7. Fairmont

      8. Meridian

      9. Riverrun

      10. Beacon's Point

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Fantasy Capital City Names

      1. Imperia

      2. Crown's End

      3. Majesty

      4. Sovereign's Hold

      5. Capitolium

      6. Royal Expanse

      7. Grand Spire

      8. Unity Stronghold

      9. Empire's Heart

      10. King's Landing

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Fantasy Elven City Names

      1. Lothlórien

      2. Rivendell

      3. Sylvanost

      4. Ellesméra

      5. Aerenal

      6. Falias

      7. Qualinesti

      8. Arlathan

      9. Myth Drannor

      10. Elvenmere

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FAQs on Fantasy City Name Generator

1. What can I use these fantasy city names for?

These names are perfect for naming cities in any fantasy setting, whether for tabletop RPGs, video games, novels, or even as inspiration for artists and educators.

2. How does the Fantasy City Name Generator work?

This generator pulls from a broad spectrum of linguistic sources and cultural inspirations to create names that can fit a variety of fantasy themes and settings.

3. How can I create a city name that fits my fantasy world?

Consider the geographical features, cultural influences, and historical background of your world. Integrating these elements can help ensure that the city names feel cohesive and integral to your world's lore.

4. Are these names suitable for all types of fantasy genres?

Absolutely! The names generated can be tailored to suit high fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, or any other subgenre by choosing names that align with the specific characteristics of those worlds.