Imperial Name Generator

Command the respect your empire deserves with our Imperial Name Generator! Whether you're creating a highranking official in the Elder Scrolls, a commander in Star Wars, or the captain of an imperial ship, find names that exude power and authority.

What is an Imperial Name Generator?

      The Imperial Name Generator is crafted to create names with the grandeur and formality befitting imperial characters, ships, and other entities. Ideal for settings with structured empires, this tool helps you develop names that reflect the stature and complexity of imperial power.

Imperial Names

      1. Octavian Drusus

      2. Aurelia Severina

      3. Cassius Vorenus

      4. Valeria Messalina

      5. Tiberius Gracchus

      6. Claudia Galba

      7. Lucius Domitius

      8. Servilia Marcella

      9. Quintus Cicero

      10. Aelius Hadrianus

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Skyrim Imperial Names

      1. Proventus Avenicci

      2. Legate Rikke

      3. General Tullius

      4. Amaund Motierre

      5. Anton Virane

      6. Jarl Elisif the Fair

      7. Vittoria Vici

      8. Aquillius Aeresius

      9. Hadvar

      10. Cassethius

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Elder Scrolls Imperial Names

      1. Amalexia

      2. Carvain Pinder

      3. Balgruuf the Elder

      4. Titus Mede II

      5. Petilius Celsus

      6. Varro Sobrius

      7. Arrianus Arius

      8. Decius Mus

      9. Maxentius Vitellius

      10. Cassia Caro

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Star Wars Imperial Name

      1. Grand Moff Tarkin

      2. Admiral Thrawn

      3. Captain Piett

      4. General Veers

      5. Director Krennic

      6. Admiral Ozzel

      7. Commander Jerjerrod

      8. Moff Jerjerrod

      9. Lieutenant Venka

      10. Captain Needa

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Imperial Ship Names

      1. ISS Dominion

      2. ISS Conqueror

      3. ISS Emperor's Wrath

      4. ISS Sovereign

      5. ISS Centurion

      6. ISS Titan

      7. ISS Vanguard

      8. ISS Excalibur

      9. ISS Imperator

      10. ISS Monarch

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Female Imperial Names

      1. Domitia Lucilla

      2. Livia Drusilla

      3. Julia Augusta

      4. Agrippina the Younger

      5. Octavia the Elder

      6. Servilia Caepionis

      7. Fulvia Flacca Bambula

      8. Cornelia Scipionis

      9. Pompeia Magna

10. Aelia Capitolina

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FAQs on Imperial Name Generator

1. What can I use these imperial names for?

      These names are ideal for creating characters, ships, and entities within empires in both historical and fantasy settings, as well as in scifi universes like Star Wars.

2. How does the Imperial Name Generator work?

      This generator combines classical, mythological, and cultural influences to create names that convey the grandeur and authority appropriate for imperial roles.

3. How can I create a meaningful imperial name?

      Think about the empire’s culture, the character's role within it, and the historical or fantastical elements you want to emphasize to ensure the name fits seamlessly into your narrative.

4. Are these names suitable for all types of imperial settings?

      Absolutely! Whether your setting is rooted in reality, fantasy, or scifi, these names can be tailored to fit the specific context of your empire and its characters.