Troll Name Generator

Venture into the realm of fantasy with our Troll Name Generator! Craft names that resonate with the cunning and mystical nature of trolls, whether for your next game, story, or role-playing adventure.

What is a Troll Name Generator?

The Troll Name Generator is designed to create names that embody the spirit of troll characters in various mythologies and games. Whether you need a name for a fierce warrior, a wise shaman, or a cunning rogue, this tool generates names that reflect the diverse traits of trolls.

Troll Names

  1. Grukag Bonechewer

  2. Thromar Foulbelly

  3. Urzul Bloodfang

  4. Zul'jin

  5. Malakk Frosteye

  6. Drakthul Darkforest

  7. Ukor Grimgut

  8. Roktar Skullsplitter

  9. Kraggum Earthshaker

  10. Nargul Shadowstalker

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Homestuck Troll Names

  1. Terezi Pyrope

  2. Vriska Serket

  3. Gamzee Makara

  4. Karkat Vantas

  5. Kanaya Maryam

  6. Tavros Nitram

  7. Sollux Captor

  8. Aradia Megido

  9. Nepeta Leijon

  10. Feferi Peixes

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WoW Troll Names

  1. Vol'jin

  2. Zul'Aman

  3. Sen'jin

  4. Rokhan

  5. Jin'do the Hexxer

  6. Gazlowe

  7. Lor'themar Theron

  8. Bwemba

  9. Zen'tabra

  10. Hakkar the Soulflayer

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Female Troll Names

  1. Lokali Swiftwind

  2. Zalazane

  3. Jani Raindancer

  4. Anara Moonwhisper

  5. Tama'jin

  6. Vajra Wildbreeze

  7. Nizhoni Spiritwalker

  8. Zaela Spiritbinder

  9. Kalani Nightseeker

  10. Solani Blackwater

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Male Troll Names

  1. Mok'thardin

  2. Jorin Deadeye

  3. Zuluhed the Whacked

  4. Dranosh

  5. Haromm

  6. Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver

  7. Throk'Feroth

  8. Gorfax Angerfang

  9. Urgoz

  10. Fenris Wolfbrother

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Games Troll Names

  1. Trundle (League of Legends)

  2. Troggzor the Earthinator (Hearthstone)

  3. Drek'Thar (Warcraft)

  4. Thunk (Borderlands)

  5. Orgnil Soulscar (Elder Scrolls)

  6. Grobbulus (World of Warcraft)

  7. Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie)

  8. Troll Warlord (Dota 2)

  9. Mudcrab Merchant (Morrowind)

  10. Korgan Bloodaxe (Baldur's Gate)

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FAQs On Troll Name Generator

1. What can I use these troll names for?

These names are ideal for creating characters in video games, tabletop RPGs, stories, or fan fiction within universes where trolls play a significant role.

2. How does the Troll Name Generator work?

This generator synthesizes linguistic elements and cultural references relevant to trolls to create authentic and fitting names for characters of troll descent.

3. How can I create a meaningful troll name?

Consider the specific traits and culture of trolls in your chosen universe. Incorporating elements that reflect their environment, powers, or societal roles can help craft a meaningful and contextual name.

4. Are these names suitable for all types of creative projects involving trolls?

Yes, these names are versatile and can be adapted for various settings, ensuring they fit the context whether in high fantasy, science fiction, or hybrid genres.