Weapon Name Generator

Arm your characters or enhance your collection with unique and powerful weapon names from our Weapon Name Generator! Whether you're delving into fantasy realms, crafting sci-fi adventures, or designing tabletop games, discover the perfect names for your armaments.

What is a Weapon Name Generator?

The Weapon Name Generator is designed to inspire you with names for various types of weapons across multiple genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and more. Perfect for creating compelling names for weapons in novels, games, and other creative projects.

Weapon Names

  1. Shadowstrike Dagger

  2. Vortex Blaster

  3. Ironclad Mace

  4. Phantom Bow

  5. Thunderfist Gauntlets

  6. Rift Cannon

  7. Eclipse Axe

  8. Nightbane Staff

  9. Quantum Rifle

  10. Frostbite Katana

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Fantasy Weapon Names

  1. Starfire Longsword

  2. Moonlight Scimitar

  3. Dragonfang Spear

  4. Whisperwind Bow

  5. Hellfire Warhammer

  6. Serpentstrike Sickle

  7. Dreamweaver Staff

  8. Frostrend Axe

  9. Lightbringer Rapier

  10. Stormcaller Trident

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RWBY Weapon Name

  1. Crescent Rose

  2. Ember Celica

  3. Gambol Shroud

  4. Myrtenaster

  5. StormFlower

  6. Harbinger

  7. Wilt and Blush

  8. Magnhild

  9. Melodic Cudgel

  10. Omen

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Magic Weapon Names

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

  2. Echoes of the Void

  3. Sigil of the Archmage

  4. Vengeance of the Ancients

  5. Seal of the Sorcerer

  6. Wraith’s Whisper

  7. Oracle’s Oubliette

  8. Lament of the Banshee

  9. Reaper’s Retribution

  10. Gaze of the Basilisk

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Legendary Weapon Name

  1. Excalibur

  2. Mjolnir

  3. Gungnir

  4. Anduril

  5. Durandal

  6. Masamune

  7. Joyeuse

  8. Aegis Fang

  9. Blackrazor

  10. Soul Edge

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DnD Weapon Names

  1. Vorpal Sword

  2. Sun Blade

  3. Frost Brand

  4. Flame Tongue

  5. Windvane

  6. Wave

  7. Whelm

  8. Blackstaff

  9. Nightcleaver

  10. Lifedrinker

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Sci-Fi Weapon Names

  1. Plasma Disruptor

  2. Neutron Blaster

  3. Quantum Annihilator

  4. Galactic Railgun

  5. Starburst Launcher

  6. Void Beam

  7. Ion Pulse Rifle

  8. Singularity Bomb

  9. Hyperphase Sword

  10. Electromagnetic Lance

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Cool Weapon Names

  1. Eclipse Edge

  2. Shadow Shredder

  3. Frostfire Blade

  4. Inferno Fang

  5. Riptide Reaver

  6. Skybreaker

  7. Thunderlash Whip

  8. Voidwalker's Wand

  9. Celestial Sabre

  10. Abyssal Cleaver

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FAQs on Weapon Name Generator

1. What can I use these weapon names for?

These names are ideal for authors, game developers, and hobbyists who need to name weapons in fantasy novels, RPGs, video games, or tabletop games.

2. How does the Weapon Name Generator work?

This generator combines elements of myth, technology, and magic to create a wide range of weapon names that suit different genres and story settings.

3. How can I create a meaningful weapon name?

Consider the weapon’s properties, the culture or technology of your setting, and the weapon’s role in your story to develop a name that adds depth to its character.

4. Are these names suitable for all types of narrative or gameplay settings?

Yes, these names are versatile enough to fit a variety of settings from traditional fantasy and sci-fi to modern adventure narratives.