Effective meeting strategies will surely go a long way in ensuring successful remote meetings and minimizing time wastage while making sure you get the max out of time you commit to a meeting. To help you, we have put together some of the things we feel are utterly important.

Top 10 Effective Meeting Strategies and Tips for Remote Meetings

  1. Choose the right video conferencing tool
    Here’s a list for you to choose from.

  2. Rotate the times of your meetings
    When the team is distributed and working in different time zones, it's a fair deal to rotate the meeting time every day/ week.

  3. Be on time. Always.
    This is a general rule for any meeting, in-person or remote, but is particularly critical for remote meetings since rescheduling or extending the same would be a big hassle.

  4. Always video on, if possible
    You will miss out on important video cues if it’s an audio-only call. Also, helps a tad bit towards better team bonding.

  5. Address everyone in the group, have a small chat/ icebreaker
    A small chat and an ice breaker just before the actual discussion will brighten the mood and help everyone focus better.

  6. Avoid rescheduling/ canceling the meeting last-minute
    In a remote setting, each team member might follow a different routine, partly by choice and also due to timezone constraints. Rescheduling/ canceling the meeting would be a big hassle. However if it’s unavoidable and you end up doing so, send the attendees a personal note/ message.

  7. Ensure minimising surrounding disturbance when taking a meeting
    It is ideal if you have a home office and take every meeting from that silent corner or separate room in your house. However, if that’s not possible, at least make sure to have minimum distractions or disruptions.

  8. Advisable to have your mobile hotspot ready
    If your wifi fails due to any unfortunate circumstances like a power cut, your mobile hotspot will act as a savior.

  9. Record all meetings, if possible
    Get into the habit of recording your meetings just so that you can reference it later if needed. It can also be used to share it with people who couldn’t make it to the call.

  10. Keep the agenda ready before the call and wrap up with clear next steps
    Keep track of what you need to talk about, invest time in structuring the content and most importantly, wrap up the meeting with what the next steps are.

  11. Effective meeting strategies

    We hope these tips prove to be effective meeting strategies for you, too. Do write to us and let us know if we missed something or if you have anything to add to our list of effective meeting strategies.

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