Employee Management:OfficeSimplify - Logo
OfficeSimplify helps companies manage, track, and approve employee time off. Google Calendar and Slack integrations make it super easy to book time off and see where everyone is. No more complicated spreadsheets
Employee Management:Leapsome - Logo
Leapsome is a platform for performance management and employee engagement to help you build high-performing teams.
Employee Management:Teamworki - Logo
Teamworki helps team leads, agile coaches, and managers by making one on ones and retrospectives more effective. In addition, they can also gauge morale of their coworkers and identify trends.
Employee Management:Tydy Onboard - Logo
Tydy gives businesses the power to personalize and automate onboarding processes like data integration, form filling, new hire engagement and feedback.
Employee Management:Spyrix Employee Monitoring - Logo
Spyrix Employee Monitoring is a powerful solution for businesses with up to 500 team members. It helps you track any kind of user activity remotely via a secure web account.
Employee Management:bttr - Logo
Organize your retrospective in an efficient manner. Constantly collect feedback, focus on important topics and improve sprint by sprint.
Employee Management:Eureka - Logo
Eureka makes it simple to create, execute and optimize employee onboarding experiences that engage new hires, managers and the team.
Employee Management:Calamari - Logo
We give your team a way to remotely manage time off, vacation, remote work and attendance. Boost the productivity of your employees by simplifying daily routine.
Employee Management:Kolay - Logo
Kolay helps the world’s leading companies manage their HR management tasks across devices.
Boost employee motivation and happiness
Manage employee time off the easy way
Team progress tracking for modern organizations
Align, enable, and develop high-performing teams
A toolkit for teams for morale tracking and effective meetings
Automate your onboarding processes
Employee Monitoring Tool for Windows and MacOS
Organize your retrospective in an efficient manner
Streamline and automate employee onboarding
Remote leave and attendance management
All-in-one employee management platform