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WEEK OF APRIL 23, 2021

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What is ALLO?

Too many tools? Too many back-and-forths?. It's time to build common ground between remote teams. The only place to truly work together across roles without juggling many tools. Allo is your first remote workspace, easy and flexible

  • About ALLO

    About ALLO

    Say goodbye to your tedious text communication. Try out communication, evolved — More interactive, immersive and fun

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  • When to use ALLO

    When to use ALLO

    Remote teams. Cross functional teams. Agencies. Education industry

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • The fundamental value of Allo is helping to overcome the difficulties faced due to the timezone, location, cultural and language differences. We use Allo every day for discussing our ideas, initiatives, design, and plans. I promise we will develop Allo even more, with our true north of solving distributed teams' problems
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