Visual Collaboration:Greenlight - Logo
Greenlight makes it easy to simply drop a comment on any html element of a web page. Even the ones that are behind a login
Visual Collaboration:Heurio - Logo
Heurio is a collaboration tool for people creating websites. Perfect for UX check, design, development & copywriting review, heuristic evaluation, user testing, and more
Visual Collaboration:Knock. - Logo
Knock. is developing virtual offices to help distributed teams work closely with a fun and efficient collaboration tool.
Visual Collaboration:Plutoview - Logo
Plutoview brings multiple sharable screens to dispersed teams, making their remote collaboration feel like it's actually happening at the same table
Visual Collaboration:Creately - Logo
Creately is a visual collaboration platform that helps teams communicate ideas, concepts, plans, etc. through an infinite, scalable canvas, real-time syncing platform
Visual Collaboration:SketchBubble - Logo
SketchBubble is an online design tool that helps you create stunning presentations so you can keep ahead of the competition in the era where “Going Remote and Virtual” is the new normal.
Visual Collaboration:Metro Retro - Logo
Metro Retro is a web application created to help teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humor to help you run the best possible retros!
Visual Collaboration:ALLO - Logo
Too many tools? Too many back-and-forths?. It's time to build common ground between remote teams. The only place to truly work together across roles without juggling many tools. Allo is your first remote workspace, easy and flexible
Visual Collaboration:Pagereview - Logo
Pagereview is a collaborative visual feedback tool for websites. Easily share website feedback with one another remotely or asynchronously
Visual Collaboration:Conceptboard - Logo
Conceptboard is a virtual collaboration workplace that enables efficient collaboration between teams across different locations or time zones. The platform offers infinite online whiteboards for a wide range of use cases like product development, brainstorming, project management and meetings.
Visual Collaboration:Visuaal - Logo
Visuaal is a simple tool for collecting client feedback. Clients can easily browse through all files, give feedback, view changes, and approve your work
Visual Collaboration:Oroson - Logo
Kill endless client email threads. Share ideas, files and feedback in one frustration-free client portal.
Visual Collaboration:Kantree - Logo
The flexible work management platform to unleash collective intelligence. Kantree helps teams across your company to organize, plan, and manage their work on their own terms.
Visual Collaboration:Tweakr.io - Logo
Tweakr.io - The fastest way to get visual feedback. Upload any file you want and share the link to get visual feedback from everyone involved.
Visual Collaboration:Flows - Logo
Flows makes it a breeze to draw up diagrams of any kind. Flowcharts, user flows, infrastructure diagrams, mind maps, you name it
Visual Collaboration:Bubbles - Logo
With Bubbles, you can collaborate by simply clicking anywhere on your screen. Drop a comment and start a conversation with anyone. It is as simple as click, comment, and share
Visual Collaboration:ReviewStudio - Logo
Online Proofing Software for Marketing Teams, Ad Agencies, Creatives and Production Studios.
Visual Collaboration:Draft.io - Logo
Draft.io is a visual and living document with the power of a flexible and collaborative blackboard. It's ideal for exploring problems creatively, making decisions efficiently, manage projects visually.
Visual Collaboration:TeamSuccess - Logo
TeamSuccess is a fun goal-setting tool for remote teams. You can create visual Goal Boards, together with your team.
Visual Collaboration:Octopus.do - Logo
Build your website structure in real-time and rapidly share it to collaborate with your team or clients. Start prototyping websites or apps instantly
Visual Collaboration:UIReview - Logo
Get instant feedback on your designs from colleagues or clients. Completely free, and no need to sign up!
Visual Collaboration:Klaxoon - Logo
Klaxoon improves teamwork efficiency for any team working remotely and on-site
Visual Collaboration:Whimsical - Logo
Whimsical is a collaborative visual workspace for teams. It allows you to create flowcharts, diagrams, virtual sticky notes, and more
Visual Collaboration:presono - Logo
presono is a complete solution for professional presentations in companies and teams
Visual Collaboration:Pinly - Logo
Pinly is a collaboration tool that allows you to collect comments and feedback on any website or image
Visual Collaboration:Perspectives.pm - Logo
With Perspective.pm you can make project management more visual by connecting mindmaps and business information in a cloud-based environment.
Visual Collaboration:Instacap - Logo
Instacap allows you to instantly annotate & share screenshots of any webpage, via text, arrow, circle or blur tools in just a few simple clicks.
Greenlight makes it easy to leave feedback on any website
Chrome extension that speeds up any website review process
A virtual office for distributed teams
Seamless co-browsing on multiple sharable screens
Online canvas for visual collaboration and diagramming
Create Engaging and Stunning Presentations
Run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives.
Whiteboarding, documentation, and video chat in one place
Frictionless website feedback for teams
Efficient collaboration across different locations or timezones.
Visual approval tool for freelancers
The fast, visual way to impress your clients.
The truly flexible work management platform
Upload files and get visual feedback from everyone involved.
Build and annotate flow charts directly in Figma
Simple video and screen capture collaboration
Change how you collaborate and get feedback on the content.
A visual and malleable document to finally work as you may think
Set weekly goals with your remote team
Visual Sitemap Builder
Get instant feedback on your designs from colleagues or clients
Brainstorm concepts together with your team
Improve efficiency for remote teams
Visual diagramming tool
Present, collaborate, and manage your presentations
Visual Feedback Tool for Digital Products
Share ideas before documents
Fastest way to share annotated screenshots