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What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

A Desktop as a Service solution, Amazon WorkSpaces lets users access desktops of their choice from any supported devices across the globe.

  • About Amazon WorkSpaces

    About Amazon WorkSpaces

    With the complexity involved in scaling of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions, Amazon WorkSpaces helps its users manage deployments of more than 1000 workspaces using AWS console. Additionally, to ensure secure deployments, it uses Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC) and disables storage of any data on local devices using encrypted storage volumes in the AWS.

  • Pricing


    • Pay as you go/ Free for up to 50 users for new WorkSpaces customers (limited time offer, available through June 30, 2020)
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  • When to use Amazon WorkSpaces

    When to use Amazon WorkSpaces

    In order to achieve significant savings in IT capex investment which comes with setting up new offices, replacing existing on-premise VDI infrastructure and scale desktop and application deployments across a global workforce, Amazon WorkSpaces solutions can serve the need.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With a rapid provisioning and de-provisioning mechanism as well availability of Amazon Workspaces in 13 AWS regions, remote teams can get access to highly responsive cloud desktops to complete the tasks.
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