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What is ApiChecker?

ApiChecker is reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your service.

  • About ApiChecker

    About ApiChecker

    We offer uptime and performance monitoring for your service. It uses different servers around the world to verify your service/API/WebSite performance and uptime ✅! We also provide different way to keep you notified about downtime - it can be SMS, Slack, Email, WebHook, etc.

    You also can build trust 🤝 with your customers by creating Public Status Page, as your customers will be in loop about statuses of your API, so you can cut your support cost.

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  • When to use ApiChecker

    When to use ApiChecker

    - When need to ensure that your WebSite or API is always up
    - Verify unstable 3rd party API
    - When service availability is important

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

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