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What is BallerToDo?

BallerToDo is a prioritization tool that helps you visualize and organize your day so you focus on the important stuff. Don't get overwhelmed by your tasks, understand their importance, and own them

  • About BallerToDo

    About BallerToDo

    Ditch the lists! Lists are one-dimensional, leave you overwhelmed, and hide important stuff. Not all tasks are equal and they don't belong to the same group.

    BallerToDo builds on the well-known Eisenhower/Covey matrix to the bin and prioritizes tasks by IMPACT and URGENCY. Use the clean and friendly interface to add and rearrange tasks as you deem fit. Focus on the ones that matter, when they matter

  • Pricing


    • In it's current state, free forever
    • We might add a paid option for accounts, but non-account usage will be free forever
  • When to use BallerToDo

    When to use BallerToDo

    Task prioritization for personal or feature specific planning. Basically wherever you have to prioritize, use this tool to visualize and organize

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote workers can use it for task prioritization and for understanding what to focus on
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