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What is Dropbase?

Dropbase lets you upload datasets into production databases and quickly get credentials that can be used to query the database using a SQL editor

  • About Dropbase

    About Dropbase

    Dropbase lets you upload CSV files to a live database within seconds and gives you database credentials to query it.

    Dropbase is useful if you're building a web application and need a quick way to add some of your own data for testing on a deployed database. It's also useful if you have a CSV file that you want to query through SQL instead of spreadsheet filters

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    • Free version available
  • When to use Dropbase

    When to use Dropbase

    Dropbase is super helpful if you need a quick way to add a test dataset on a live database without having to manually set it up - for example, if you are running a demo with a potential customer and want to easily add a more relevant dataset or if you are building a simple web app or prototype that requires some seed data

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Dropbase brings data from CSV files to a live database to easily share with your remote team. There is no need to resend or email data exports individually. Once data is uploaded to Dropbase, you can copy and paste the database credentials and share it. The data can be queried and analyzed by multiple people at the same time
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