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Overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life’s challenges!

  • About Happify

    About Happify

    Happify is a platform of scientists, researchers, health care clinicians, and digital and gaming experts who are passionate about helping people improve their mental health and well-being to live their best lives. They bring their unique expertise and areas of knowledge together to challenge themselves to think differently and to create new approaches to emotional health that are accessible and highly effective.

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  • When to use Happify

    When to use Happify

    If you want to improve individuals’ total health you can’t ignore their mental and emotional health. Medical costs for individuals with chronic medical and comorbid mental health disorders run 2-3 times higher than those who don't have comorbid conditions. From peer reviewed randomized controlled studies to personal testimonials, Happify has demonstrated its ability to reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety in individuals across the mental health continuum.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote workers often tend to ignore mental health. Happify helps keep this in check.
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