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WEEK OF APRIL 16, 2021

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What is Incognito for Slack?

Incognito for Slack lets you gather anonymous messages & polls. Learn how your team really feels. Can be used in town halls, ideation, feedback, and more

  • About Incognito for Slack

    About Incognito for Slack

    Encourage open and honest feedback, spotlight common issues quickly, enable the voices of passive employees and level the playing field

    Anonymous messages & polls can be used for things like
    - town hall questions
    - ideation sessions
    - leadership feedback

  • Pricing


    • Free for small teams or light usage and a two-week free trial of the standard plan
    • Paid plans start from $1/ month/ user
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use Incognito for Slack

    When to use Incognito for Slack

    If you want to get honesty from your team. Honest feedback, ideas, or questions

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Incognito for Slack helps to give a voice to all remote workers
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