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What is inflooens?

inflooens is a world-class SaaS aimed at transforming the complex mortgage origination process that exists today via cutting edge technology lead innovation

  • About inflooens

    About inflooens

    Our Mortgage CRM is differentiated by:

    • Rich, personalized, and intuitive user experience via stunning guided screens for the loan team
    • Business-friendly configuration app - Intuitive setup process walks business users thru a highly personalized experience to fit your business
    process needs
    • Provides “information” versus “data” to help Mortgage Loan Officers
    sell more at their most productive

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  • When to use inflooens

    When to use inflooens

    When you want a complete 360° view of the customer, partner and loan lifecycle

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • inflooens brings to life your mortgage process and guides your teams outcomes improving their productivity and reducing processing times
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