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What is Maxout?

Maxout makes planning your workouts super easy. Create workouts with any exercises you can imagine. Plan your HIIT workouts, your yoga sessions or just your workout for the gym — all in one app

  • About Maxout

    About Maxout

    Maxout is an app that helps you to reach your fitness goals by supporting you with the most important part of the fitness journey: Consistency.

    The app supports you with creating a schedule of workouts using a simple user interface that everyone from a beginner to a fitness enthusiast can use

  • Pricing


    • Currently in private beta
    • Everything created until public launch will stay free forever. After that there might be a premium plan with more features
  • When to use Maxout

    When to use Maxout

    If you need to improve your work-life balance and a tool to organize your workouts

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Keeping work/life well balanced is important, especially when working from home
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