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What is Nuclino?

A collection of collaborative work templates, from meeting notes and company knowledge bases, to style guides and product specs. Every template is a living document featuring interactive embedded content, including slide decks, design mockups, maps, and more.

  • About Nuclino

    About Nuclino

    The way we work together is fundamentally changing to become more collaborative, team-based, interdisciplinary, and distributed. Most importantly, it's becoming more knowledge-intensive. The way we capture, organize, and share knowledge is critical to the success of any team.

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  • When to use Nuclino

    When to use Nuclino

    - Centralize all your team's knowledge in one easy to use place
    - Capture and collaborate on all relevant project knowledge.
    - Document products, projects, processes, and more.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Nuclino is a lightweight and collaborative wiki for all your remote team's knowledge, docs, and notes.
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