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What is PowerBoard?

PowerBoard is a unified cloud management platform for teams. It increases return on investment and reduces total cost of ownership for cloud management for your organization

  • About PowerBoard

    About PowerBoard

    PowerBoard is built by Loves Cloud, a cloud & DevOps company.

    We are building a solution for the problems we faced in-house, first hand while working on dozens of cloud projects across public cloud platforms.

    This gives us an advantage over other products in this domain that simply shows cloud data on a console

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  • When to use PowerBoard

    When to use PowerBoard

    - Manages Azure & AWS, together
    - Bird’s eye view of all cloud resources, across cloud platforms
    - Continuous security & governance checks
    - Proactive threat detection, severity analysis & remediation measures
    - Total visibility of cost & security configurations

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • PowerBoard is a unified cloud management platform for remote teams
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