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What is Predera AIQ?

Predera is a platform that provides a light-weight, composable, vertical machine learning operations engine for Healthcare, Retail, and CRMs; with a one-click scalable deployment, monitoring and governance.

  • About Predera AIQ

    About Predera AIQ

    AIQ is an MLOps & monitoring engine to help Data Scientists with the tedious job of deploying and managing ML, by collecting and leveraging the rich semi-structured data created in the entire machine learning development life cycle.

    AIQ is language agnostic, plugs into most popular machine learning (ML) libraries across cloud / on-premise to continuously monitor data and track models for risk.

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  • When to use Predera AIQ

    When to use Predera AIQ

    Predera AIQ can be used by data scientists and DevOps collaboration.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remotely operating data scientists can use AIQ to monitor data and track models.
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