Take A Break

Continuously staring at the computer can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes. "Take A Break" extension tries to help you avoid or reduce these problems, reminding you when to take a break.

  • Description

    While working, especially remotely, it is pretty easy to lose track of time. Take a break reminds one to relax after periodic intervals as a precaution of the possible ill-effects on our health.

  • Pricing
    • Free
  • Pros and Cons
    Pros and Cons
    • Does exactly what it promises with no fuss.
    • Could have had better UI/UX to engage the user and motivate them to take a break.
  • When to use
    When to use

    Ideally for all of us, but definitely for those working alone.

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    Know more
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