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What is Relanote?

Relanote is а note-taking app that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical (wiki-style) note-taking

  • About Relanote

    About Relanote

    By leveraging the power of both methods, Relanote adapts to your way of thinking and allows you to create your personal knowledge base

    Core features are:
    Notes organization on autopilot
    Graph view
    Full encryption
    Share notes with the world
    Dark theme

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  • When to use Relanote

    When to use Relanote

    Relanote is a really useful tool that adapts to your thinking and writing process. It allows you to easily capture and more importantly organize large volume of notes/information. It is incredibly useful for researchers, writers, developers and people interested in building their personal knowledge base

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Relanote allows you to share particular notes/graphs with your team, helping them get onto speed with your research and ideas. It allows everyone to see the connections between the ideas and 'connect the dots'
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