Productivity:Hyperfocus - Logo
Hyperfocus blocks applications and websites for a specific time frame so you can focus.
Productivity:Pomodus - Logo
Pomodus allows you to plan your day, prioritize & focus while leveraging Slack to keep you in the zone. It silences notifications & lets colleagues know that you're heads-down & when you'll be done.
Productivity:Thrive  - Logo
A new kind of productivity app to help you get your life together.
Productivity:Seque - Logo
Seque empowers you to get more done with intense focus and zero interruptions.
Productivity:Remember - Logo
Stash distractions away for later.
Productivity:Mindful Goals - Logo
Note-taking apps or to-do apps get busy quickly. Aspiring goals get buried amongst hundreds of mundane tasks and become hard to find. We need dedicated tools for tracking goals.
Productivity:Memento - Logo
Memento is a modern take on everyday reminders. The interface is optimized to be fluid and simple, allowing you to easily keep track of what's important.