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What is System2?

System2 Technologies allows you to get a remote personal trainer to coach you from the comfort of your home

  • About System2

    About System2

    Have a certified coach create a personalized plan (perfectly suited for your interests, and abilities), give you direction and keep you accountable to sticking to your goals

    The System2 app uses video + activity trackers + AI to monitor your workouts. We'll be shipping you a special hardware kit to work out in front of your phone when you choose to. Your coach will review your workout footage + data right after the workout and give you specific feedback

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  • When to use System2

    When to use System2

    For individuals who want to streamline their fitness goals.

    Get unlimited access to an elite fitness coach who'll design as many workouts as you need, hold you accountable daily, review your workout footage, and give you specific feedback on your workouts

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • The System2 app is designed specifically to deliver a full-body workout experience at home
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