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What is Torre Remote?

Remote jobs and candidates ranked by relevance

  • About Torre Remote

    About Torre Remote

    For job seekers: Create a bio, set your preferences, and then let Torre do the crawling to find as well as notify you of matching remote jobs/gigs/opportunities.
    For talent seekers: Have candidates ranked by AI using 30+ custom variables.

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    • Free forever, for everyone
  • When to use Torre Remote

    When to use Torre Remote

    Use it to find jobs/gigs/opportunities and candidates ranked by relevance.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Wasting time reviewing hundreds of jobs/candidates should be a thing of the past.
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Torre Remote Reviews

  • Alexander Torrenegra
    @ac, CEO, Torre

    A few months ago, Daniela (our product designer at Torre) was invited to apply for a baker’s position at a popular bakery in Bogotá, Colombia. While Daniela is someone who loves cooking and baking, and is an awesome amateur cook/baker because of it, she’s never considered baking a desirable profession. It simply doesn’t mirror her interests in tech or encompass her primary goal of improving her skills and advancing her career as a product designer.

    My point, you ask?

    Well, as interest in remote work grows and the numbers of candidates and active remote workers around the globe multiply, so do the number of remote opportunities. The trouble is that volume without relevance or context results in chaos :scream:.

    Earlier this year, I felt the weight of sheer volume myself when I had to review some 600+ applications for one of our engineering positions.

    It’s for reasons like these we created Torre Remote — a product that matches candidates with opportunities, and then ranks them based on more than 30 touchpoints to see how well they correlate.

    We have no doubt that Torre Remote will revolutionize the recruitment process, whether you’re someone eager to find that remote job you really want, or an employer looking for that perfect candidate.

    Torre Remote. Better and faster recruiting. Get our free AI-powered sourcing and processing tools, or let Torre recruit on your behalf for just 5% commission on success.

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