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What is V2 Cloud?

The simplest cloud desktop to scale your remote team.

We help businesses to securely access data, applications, documents, and other resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser.

  • About V2 Cloud

    About V2 Cloud

    Desktop virtualization doesn't have to be complicated. And V2 Cloud is the IT nerd you need.

    As a fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service solution, we focus on speed and simplicity—so you can work faster from anywhere.

    Let our support team get rid of your worries—use your cloud computer safely. Quickly. And economically.

    Try V2 Cloud free and say hello to the simplest cloud desktop!

  • Pricing


    • Start at $40/month
    • -Additional desktop user access license: $10 per license per month
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use V2 Cloud

    When to use V2 Cloud

    V2 Cloud is best to use when you're an SMB (small and midsize business) or if you're an ISV (Independent software vendors). If you're looking to scale your remote team, protect your data, monitor the time of your employees, and save high IT cost all at the same time, V2 Cloud is for you.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • At V2 Cloud, we are a fully remote organization. Since we are using our product everyday, we know how it's relevant to the remote community by his simplicity, his speed and his affordable cost.
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