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What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

WVD is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure service that enables its users to deploy virtual desktops and apps on the Azure cloud.

  • About Windows Virtual Desktop

    About Windows Virtual Desktop

    Windows Virtual Desktop delivers unique offerings such as multi-session Windows 10 virtualized desktop, which improves the experience of its users. WVD also allows its users to migrate the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to Azure. Given the high compliance of Azure cloud with security governing bodies, any form of migration, deployment or virtualization using WVD is highly secure.

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  • When to use Windows Virtual Desktop

    When to use Windows Virtual Desktop

    To deployment of desktop apps to the cloud quickly, to cut the cost of Windows server desktops and apps and optimize the cloud experience and to migrate and scale the existing Windows infrastructure to a virtualized setting using Azure.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Windows Server desktops and apps are located at remote data centers. By migrating the Remote Desktop Services to Azure cloud, users can manage a single glass pane view on Azure portal.
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