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What is Around?

Around combines inventions in audio technology & a fresh perspective on video UI. Introducing major inventions in signal processing, AI-based background noise filtering, voice proximity detection, and UX

  • About Around

    About Around

    Gather in ultra-small groups, infuse fresh energy into creative sessions, and get things done in real-time with real results.

    Silence disruptions with AI auto‑mute.

    Designated audio rooms. For when you really need to take a break from video

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  • When to use Around

    When to use Around

    When you want to have quick, high-impact calls you can use with anyone by just sharing a link, or firing it up directly from Slack. No team setup required and no "virtual taps on your shoulder"

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Around lets you have video calls that are designed for energy, ideas and action
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