Video Communication:VidioCall - Logo
VidioCall lets you answer critical questions of consumers. When integrated with Slack and other CRM products, sales agents can demo a product over video call helping in complete a purchase step by step
Video Communication:Zoom - Logo
Zoom is an enterprise video communications tool, with a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.
Video Communication:MeetButter - Logo
MeetButter is an all-in-one video conferencing tool for workshops, interactive meetings, and live courses. Run a great workshop with breakout rooms, timed agendas, polls and much more!
Video Communication:Smidge - Logo
Instant 1:1, video conversations with users. Install Smidge on your web-app to find and talk with users who are actively using your product. No more emails, surveys, and meeting requests
Video Communication:All Hands - Logo
Send frequent video updates to your team, and measure engagement with All Hands
Video Communication:Reslash - Logo
Break free from the stack of video boxes. Have multiple spontaneous conversations. Move around in a single space just like in real life. No need to jump calls instead, build real connections virtually!
Video Communication:Weet - Logo
Weet allows you to have asynchronous conversations with anyone. Weet includes instant recording, screen sharing, virtual background, video filters, emoji reactions, and in-video rich comment options
Video Communication:Voodle - Logo
Voodle is the short async video app for business. Teams use Voodle to quickly capture, share, and discover important moments as they happen, keeping them in-sync and aligned.
Video Communication:urLive - Logo
urLive is a video and messaging platform that allows anyone to contact you at the click-of-a-link whether they be family, friends, colleagues, clients or prospects.
Video Communication:Livestorm - Logo
Livestorm is a browser based video solution for webinars, meetings and VOD. We're building the future of B2B unified video communications: one platform for all video use cases.
Video Communication:Wisp | Remote Collaboration - Logo
Real-time collaboration for remote teams. Talk as easily as if you were in the same room. Voice, video, chat, screenshare, and collaborative tools.
Video Communication:PairPro - Logo
PairPro enables interviewers to evaluate problem-solving, coding, and communication skills of developers with real-time pair programming interviews in a developer-friendly environment.
Video Communication:Unmeeting - Logo
Unmeeting helps remote teams work closer. Team members join over live video for timed catch-ups. Short video messages can be shared for overcoming timezone differences.
Video Communication:Toasty.ai - Logo
Toasty is a video conferencing platform for virtual team meetings where hosts can facilitate highly interactive experiences in small groups.
Video Communication:Roundee - Logo
Roundee.io is a free, browser-based video conferencing platform that is easy and fun to use and loaded with smart features to make online meetings better.
Video Communication:Nitroom - Logo
Nitroom is a tool for remote teams to gather online and have after-work parties, workshops, and events
Video Communication:Appear.in - Logo
Appear.in provides effortless video collaboration for remote and distributed teams. It is very simple to use where users can create a meeting room and invite attendees while sharing screen and talking effortlessly.
Video Communication:Remo Conference - Logo
Create powerful webinars, summits, live Q & A’s, or conferences, scale attendee engagement, and sell sponsorship!
Video Communication:Veertly - Logo
Veertly is an intuitive real-time video chat platform for online events and workshops made in Europe. Attendees and facilitators can seamlessly jump in and out of break-out rooms!
Video Communication:Remotehour - Logo
The app allows your coworkers/clients to talk to you anytime while you're available. It's remote but like you're in the same office with them. You don't have to schedule or request a calll anymore.
Video Communication:HiHello Backgrounds for Zoom - Logo
Add your name, title, company, and logo to your virtual background. Anyone on your Zoom call who scans your QR code will have your digital business card, so you can continue your meetings with investors or clients with ease.
Video Communication:EmuCast - Logo
EmuCast is a micro-video conferencing solution built for distributed teams who wants to instantly jump in and out of meetings rooms while performing work.
Video Communication:VideoTouch - Logo
VideoTouch is a lead generation tool that works by igniting a personal connection with visitors through video messages
Video Communication:Skype - Logo
Skype for Business is described as professional online meetings built for business. The new version allows instant messaging, URL sharing for meetings, meeting recording and access to Office apps.
Video Communication:Clapboard - Logo
Clapboard is a lightweight chrome extension that lets you record your screen & camera together, and share those recordings across multiple platforms with a simple copy paste link.
Video Communication:Join.me - Logo
Free video conferencing, online meetings with Join.me's simple product. Allows users to personalize their meeting room and make it their own virtual workspace and interact seamlessly with the world.
Video Communication:Hibox - Logo
Hibox is a chat built for companies that integrates task management and video conferencing all in the same app, making it easier for you to collaborate with your team and get things done fast.
Video Communication:ZoomBackground.io - Logo
Zoombackground.io is a free, crowd-sourced background image directory. This website helps you find cool backgrounds in one place, so you don’t have to scan the internet to find the right one.
Video Communication:GoToMeeting - Logo
Online meetings made easy. GoToMeeting is a business meeting software which allows meetings with anyone, anywhere and on any device.
Video Communication:Meet - Logo
Meet is meant to serve as a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts. On the go video meetings, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more for up to 50 people at a time.
Video Communication:UnRemot - Logo
UnRemot is a video based platform for remote working, that enables one-on-one or group collaborations on single tap videos - most suited for daily, repetitive collaborations among teams.
Video Communication:Touchbase - Logo
Touchbase is a web-based team video catch-up platform designed for remote teams to quickly and easily connect.
Video Communication:Proximo - Logo
Host or join high-performing video meetings, go live, collaborate with your friends, and share anywhere
Video Communication:CALIPIO Recorder - Logo
CALIPIO Recorder lets you securely record from your screen and webcam in your browser
Video Communication:RoomsMe - Logo
Encrypted and infinity video conference room with chat, screen and file sharing
Video Communication:Adobe Connect - Logo
Adobe Connect empowers you to create exceptional digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences.
Video Communication:Devtendo - Logo
Capture your screen or screen and camera with a few clicks. Asynchronous Communication is how modern teams build software.
Video Communication:MeetMenu - Logo
When you spend most of your time in Zoom meetings, searching for links or meeting IDs in your e-mail or calendar quickly becomes a pain. MeetMenu lets you configure a menu of all your standing meeting.
Video Communication:Pukka Team - Logo
Bring your remote team together, get real team presence with automated selfie photos and see their status throughout the day.
Video Communication:Team.Video - Logo
Team.Video helps teams have happier, more productive meetings by offering user-friendly video meetings with agendas, collaborative notes, and emoji responses. No download required & it’s free to use.
Video Communication:Proficonf - Logo
Proficonf is a professional video conferencing platform that allows its users to make or join video meetings with up to 250 participants without any downloads or installations.
Video Communication:Knit - Logo
Knit is a tool for virtual networking and socializing events. What makes virtual events special in comparison to offline events is that we can operate on much better data
Video Communication:Video Window - Logo
Video Window is the worlds first always-on immersive video conferencing portal for teams.
Video Communication:HelloCecil - Logo
Take the guesswork out of screening resumes. One-way video interviews let you see and hear your candidates instead of just reading pieces of paper.
Video Communication:Kalysys - Logo
Kalysys combines essential tools in a single easy to use platform, including Online Booking, Appointment Scheduler, Client Management, SMS & Email Communications, Invoicing and Video Conferencing
Video Communication:Cisco WebEx - Logo
Cisco WebEx is a video conferencing solution that enables employees to collaborate with team members by sharing files, documents and screen
Video Communication:Loom - Logo
Loom is an internal video communications tool allowing your message to be instantly shared through video
Video Communication:easyUp - Logo
Keep your colleagues up to date with video check-ins - and get to know the latest from them.
Video Communication:Jamm - Logo
Quick, easy and fun 1-click video collaboration for remote teams. Connect over a coffee or jamm on a new idea, skip the meeting
Video Communication:Meetsales - Logo
Meetsales is a web application that helps sales teams meet B2B clients on-line. Reps can dynamically present and compare products, discuss prices, and complete orders with a live in-call cart
Video Communication:Spike Secure Video Meetings - Logo
We needed a simple video conferencing tool that’s actually secure. So we built it! And we’re sharing it with everyone for free, with no limitation on number of participant or time.
Video Communication:Grapevine - Logo
Grapevine allows business teams to get asynchronous video updates from remote team members each morning
Video Communication:MeetLoaf - Logo
Meetloaf lets you automatically schedule virtual employee catchups for your teammates to get to know each other better
Video Communication:Vowel - Logo
Vowel is a video conferencing tool that actually makes meetings better. Plan, host, transcribe, search, and share your meetings all in one browser window
Video Communication: Around - Logo
Around combines inventions in audio technology & a fresh perspective on video UI. Introducing major inventions in signal processing, AI-based background noise filtering, voice proximity detection, and UX
Video Communication:Mmhmm - Logo
Mmhmm is a video conferencing tool with virtual backgrounds & slides to make it easier for people to present, inform and entertain over video
Video Communication:Veed Screen Recorder - Logo
The easiest way to record and capture your screen online. Works on your Windows or Mac computer, no software download or plugin required. Start your screen capture now
Video Communication:Record It - Logo
Record It offers you a light but professional tool to capture screen and voice, or create video tutorials. Mirror and record your iPhone and iPad screen on Mac.
Video Communication:Saylient - Logo
Saylient helps you manage and share your video and audio files. Transcribe, highlight important snippets, and share recordings.
Video Communication:Teleport.fm - Logo
Tired of making sure your laundry is out of view on Zoom? Add some fun to your next meeting with a virtual background.
Video Communication:Servv - Logo
Servv provides an easy to use integration between Shopify and Zoom allowing Small to Medium Enterprises to establish digital face to face communication supporting revenue-generating events
Video Communication:Brie.fi/ng - Logo
Privacy is the driving force behind this project. It uses secure technologies like WebRTC to directly connect between participants. The website that provides the web app and mediates the communication.
Video Communication:MeetFromHome - Logo
MeetFromHome is your online events venue. Engage your audience and make them feel part of the event with interactive Q&A, presentations and engaging workshops
Video Communication:Airmeet - Logo
Airmeet is an all-in-one platform for community managers to host interactive online events which feel as real and authentic as in-person events
Video Communication:Kumospace - Logo
Kumospace is an immersive group video chat tool. Its virtual spaces combine the fun and creativity of video games with the simplicity and security of video conferencing
Let customers talk to sales-agents over video-call real-time
An enterprise video communications tool with a cloud platform.
Smooth, interactive virtual workshops and meetings
Move live chat from text to video. Call active users today
Async video updates for your team
Socialize like you do in real life
Weet is an asynchronous video messaging tool
Short video for teams
Communication made easy
Dead simple video conferencing - free, in browser
Browser based video solution for webinars, meetings and VOD.
Voice chat and screen collaboration for distributed teams.
Screen recording and sharing made easy.
Real-time collaboration for remote teams.
Free, unlimited and worldwide conference call service.
Conduct remote pair programming interviews efficiently
Smart video interactions for remote teams
Create virtual team building where people really connect
A collaboration workspace for remote teams
Video conferencing platform to make online meetings better
An always-on video room for every Slack channel.
Afterwork parties, workshops and events for remote teams
Effortless video collaboration for remote and distributed teams.
Webinar and virtual networking video platform
An interactive and engaging platform for online events
A call app for not a meeting, but for coworking
Virtual backgrounds for Zoom video calls
Micro-video conferencing solution built for distributed teams
Spark up a personal connection with visitors through video!
Professional online meetings built for business.
A lightweight chrome extension for screen and camera recording
Free video conferencing & online meetings for the remote worker.
A platform for task management, business chat and video calls
1000+ free crowdsourced backgrounds for your next meeting
A business meeting software.
A business-friendly alternative to Hangouts.
A video-based remote working tool
Quick team video catch-ups that self-destruct after 15 min
Host high-performing video meetings with ease
Secure screen and webcam recording in your browser
Encrypted video conferencing service with payments
Create exceptional collaboration experiences.
Meet people, explore the world
Asynchronous communication for elite software professionals
Zoom meeting menus for conference rooms and remote teams
Quick video chat with your remote team
One-click connect, browser-based, video calling platform
Offers live snapshots of your remote team throughout the day.
Have happier, more productive team meetings
Video conferencing platform
Your virtual meeting place
Always-on immersive video conferencing portal for teams
A space for casual, drop-in audio conversations
Use one-way video to spot your top job candidates
Powering Remote Workers and Smart Businesses
Video Conferencing Software
Share quick video messages
Async video standups for remote teams
Supercharge Video Collaboration and Culture in Your Teams
Where video calls meet eCommerce tools
Video Conferencing. Secure. Simple. Free. Open. No limits.
Asynchronous Video Updates For Remote Teams
An instant recipe for team cohesion
A video conferencing tool that makes meetings better.
Next-gen video calls for a new era of work
Virtual presentation tool for remote teams
Record your screen online, in the browser
Record Screen with Audio
360° smart video conferencing camera
Transcribe, annotate, and share your recordings
Fun virtual backgrounds for Zoom
Servv enables digital face to face communication
Full privacy video group chat
Events Platform for Professionals
Immersive video chat platform, built for groups
Secure, fully-featured and free video conferencing