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What is 6prog?

6Prog is an ethical platform enabling suppliers and clients to write work briefs, projects and get paid

  • About 6prog

    About 6prog

    6prog is increasingly defining work on an output basis which makes flexibility more attractive than employer-employee models. An 'output based' contract is an agreement between a customer and a supplier, which creates a relationship for the delivery of services or products. The driving force behind the contract is that it focuses on what the deliverables are in business terms

  • Pricing


    • 0-3% service fees are added to invoices or payments
    • You only ever pay if you are benefitting from the platform. No tie-ins. Free if you bring a new client/supplier
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  • When to use 6prog

    When to use 6prog

    As a supplier: when I need to create a proposal for a client to review As a client: to create a project for a supplier to agree terms When I need a contract to make agreements legal When I need a pipeline of clients/suppliers to avoid gaps using typical recruitment/consultancy brokers

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It provides safety of a written contract between parties. It provides a private space to let clients tell you their needs (it's not a reverse auction job board) You can collaborate with others to deliver bigger projects
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