As put by this Arcanys blog, entrepreneurs and startup founders wear many hats because it is expected of them. They start out with organizing the company, then act as the first salesman, fund-raiser, paymaster, quartermaster, logistics, project manager, tech guy, and many others. Whether you startup something on your own or in a team, you would need the best resources to get where you want to eventually. Quite often, you have to know at least a little about everything that will affect your startup and this is not easy. To know about product conception, design, marketing, and growth is not a one person task. But again you have us to rescue you here. Some startup resources you would need on a daily basis

startup tools and resources

Your idea is the first step towards your goal. Next you need to work really hard to get there. And to make this easier, you’d need tools to help you with coding, editing, content creation, marketing, data storage, etc. So here are some startup resources we put together for you to consider.

Edit: Although coding has become a necessity in today’s world, it’s not really true that everyone knows how to do it or is an expert at it. You can then use a tool such as Edit to edit any website, no code required

TaskSift: Any startup is bound to want to give the best experience to their customers. And as written here, customer experience is the thing that can make all the difference for your startup. This tool can help you with just that.

Bigin by Zoho CRM: To keep the data all in one place and to ensure that there are no mixups, a pipeline-centric CRM tool like Bigin works great.

SubmitJuice: Curated list of 150+ directories to promote your startup, as it says, could really help to get the exposure you wish for.

SiteGuru: An often rarely capitalized way of putting your startup out there is Search Engine Optimization. Google can be really helpful if you know how to get up there, and as SEO tool such as this can help with that.

Those are a few, but you’ll definitely need a lot of other startup resources to accomplish your mission. Find below a list of some of the best tools for remote startups!

Startup Resources:JSON API  - Logo
JSON API is a hosted free API service which developers use to focus on designing and building great web/ mobile apps
Startup Resources:Submit Juice - Logo
Submit your startup to 152+ directories super fast ⚡️ with zero hassle
Startup Resources:Bigin by Zoho CRM - Logo
Bigin helps small businesses move away from spreadsheets and get started with a CRM solution that is truly built for their needs
Startup Resources:SiteGuru - Logo
SiteGuru gives you the full picture of your website: we check all your pages for SEO issues, usability quirks, slow pages, and broken links
Startup Resources:PayRequest - Logo
Simple, fast payment links via Stripe
Startup Resources:UX Agenda - Logo
UX conferences, meetups and workshops in one place.
Startup Resources:Type Studio - Logo
Type Studio is a text-based video editing software for content-focused videos. We transcribe the video so the user can easily edit the video by just editing the transcription
Startup Resources:TaskSift - Logo
Losing track of customer issues? Bug fixing slowed down by the wrong tools and internal processes? Wasting time copying & pasting tickets? TaskSift helps you triage defects and create tasks faster
Startup Resources:MirrorFly - Logo
MirrorFly is a customizable messaging SDK and chat API that enables businesses to offer in-app messaging for their mobile, web, and consumer applications
Startup Resources:Internal.io - Logo
Internal is used to build internal tools on top of your databases, APIs, and business applications. Anyone can build with Internal - so engineers can focus on the most critical projects
Startup Resources:Edit - Logo
Live modify any web page directly from your browser, with a single click
Hosted APIs to develop your app for free
Curated list of 150+ directories to promote your startup
Pipeline-centric CRM built and priced for small businesses
The SEO tool that helps you find and fix issues
Simple, fast payment links via Stripe
UX conferences, meetups and workshops in one place
The easiest way to edit your video
Triage and process customer issues easier
Messaging SDK and chat API for mobile apps and websites
Build internal tools for your applications
Edit any website, no code required