As put by this Arcanys blog, entrepreneurs and startup founders wear many hats because it is expected of them. They start out with organizing the company, then act as the first salesman, fund-raiser, paymaster, quartermaster, logistics, project manager, tech guy, and many others. Whether you startup something on your own or in a team, you would need the best resources to get where you want to eventually. Quite often, you have to know at least a little about everything that will affect your startup and this is not easy. To know about product conception, design, marketing, and growth is not a one person task. But again you have us to rescue you here. Some startup resources you would need on a daily basis

startup tools and resources

Your idea is the first step towards your goal. Next you need to work really hard to get there. And to make this easier, you’d need tools to help you with coding, editing, content creation, marketing, data storage, etc. So here are some startup resources we put together for you to consider.

Edit: Although coding has become a necessity in today’s world, it’s not really true that everyone knows how to do it or is an expert at it. You can then use a tool such as Edit to edit any website, no code required

TaskSift: Any startup is bound to want to give the best experience to their customers. And as written here, customer experience is the thing that can make all the difference for your startup. This tool can help you with just that.

Bigin by Zoho CRM: To keep the data all in one place and to ensure that there are no mixups, a pipeline-centric CRM tool like Bigin works great.

SubmitJuice: Curated list of 150+ directories to promote your startup, as it says, could really help to get the exposure you wish for.

SiteGuru: An often rarely capitalized way of putting your startup out there is Search Engine Optimization. Google can be really helpful if you know how to get up there, and as SEO tool such as this can help with that.

Those are a few, but you’ll definitely need a lot of other startup resources to accomplish your mission. Find below a list of some of the best tools for remote startups!

Startup Resources:JSON API  - Logo
JSON API is a hosted free API service which developers use to focus on designing and building great web/ mobile apps
Startup Resources:SiteGuru - Logo
SiteGuru gives you the full picture of your website: we check all your pages for SEO issues, usability quirks, slow pages, and broken links
Startup Resources:Submit Juice - Logo
Submit your startup to 152+ directories super fast ⚡️ with zero hassle
Startup Resources:400-Force - Logo
400-Force offers advanced website QA testing (1-4 tests every week) using just the main URL address
Startup Resources:PayRequest - Logo
Simple, fast payment links via Stripe
Startup Resources:Vokal - Logo
Use Vokal to create videos for your podcast audio snippets, monologues, music, and more. Super easy-to-use, no timelines, just create or select an existing template, add your audio and render video
Startup Resources:Bigin by Zoho CRM - Logo
Bigin helps small businesses move away from spreadsheets and get started with a CRM solution that is truly built for their needs
Startup Resources:UX Agenda - Logo
UX conferences, meetups and workshops in one place.
Startup Resources:Type Studio - Logo
Type Studio is a text-based video editing software for content-focused videos. We transcribe the video so the user can easily edit the video by just editing the transcription
Startup Resources:Octopus.do - Logo
Build your website structure in real-time and rapidly share it to collaborate with your team or clients. Start prototyping websites or apps instantly
Startup Resources:Postcards - Logo
Create and edit email templates online without any coding skills. Using Postcards you can create a different type of emails: promotional, E-Commerce, news, transactional, and more
Startup Resources:POSTOPLAN - Logo
Postoplan is an all-in-one automatic social media marketing platform you can use to schedule content posting and communicate with customers
Startup Resources:Chimp Rewriter - Logo
Chimp Rewriter is an article rewriter that uses the power of AI to help you search for, analyze, and rewrite content at lightning speed. It includes a host of tools to create unique SEO content
Startup Resources:BlockSurvey - Logo
BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused experience management solution that allows businesses to create surveys, polls, and forms
Startup Resources:Summerian - Logo
​​Summerian will not only give you the key ideas (like many others) but also take you on the spectacular journey of how they are discovered and developed
Startup Resources:Edit - Logo
Live modify any web page directly from your browser, with a single click
Startup Resources:Stormly - Logo
Stormly is a platform that allows you to use existing AI-based elements to quickly put together solutions adjusted to your needs, which is not only extremely powerful and automated but also flexible and shareable
Startup Resources:LOOK - Logo
Look is a digital signage software to manage your screens easily, from any place
Startup Resources:Censinet - Logo
Censinet is the first SaaS company in healthcare cybersecurity providing a two-sided network platform for third-party risk assessments
Startup Resources:GuidedPR - Logo
GuidedPR quickly and accurately matches journalists searching for expertise to write their stories and experts who are looking for media exposure to raise their profile
Startup Resources:Enveu - Logo
Manage Video Experiences across devices with Enveu's no-code app lifecycle management SaaS platform
Startup Resources:Internal.io - Logo
Internal is used to build internal tools on top of your databases, APIs, and business applications. Anyone can build with Internal - so engineers can focus on the most critical projects
Startup Resources:Pointgenie - Logo
PointGenie lets you Improve In-Store conversion and sales by identifying your missing opportunities with powerful visitors analytics
Startup Resources:SaaSpirin - Logo
SaaSpirin does away with the hassle of freelancers and the high cost of an agency. We use proven techniques to help you win while you put your SaaS / XaaS blog on autopilot
Startup Resources:AeroLeads - Logo
AeroLeads is a Lead generation tool used to find Emails, Phone Numbers, and B2B Data. It is a prospect generating software that works with destinations like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, etc
Startup Resources:Soleadify - Logo
Find targeted lists for your personalized outreach, powered by data you can’t find anywhere else
Startup Resources:MirrorFly - Logo
MirrorFly is a customizable messaging SDK and chat API that enables businesses to offer in-app messaging for their mobile, web, and consumer applications
Startup Resources:WebX.page - Logo
WebX.page is a site builder that lets you create websites from docs and sheets. From start to a ready website in 1 hour!
Startup Resources:Boardle - Logo
Boardle is the final destination to find & showcase remote facilitators and workshops whatever tools they use (Miro, Mural, Figma, klaxoon, Metro retro)!
Startup Resources:Image-Charts - Logo
Generate chart images with a simple, open API with Image-Charts
Startup Resources:Sourceful - Logo
Sourceful is a search engine for crowd-sourced public Google docs. We’re on a mission to democratize the web by making online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations popular
Startup Resources:Dotyeti - Logo
DotYeti.com is the most creative, on-demand unlimited graphic design platform for a flat monthly fee. From (re)branding, logos to social media posts, ads, animations, print media, and much more
Startup Resources:FreeCallTracking.ai - Logo
An AI-Powered call tracking software which analyzes, records & monitors all inbound calls. Advanced features include keyword-level-tracking, dynamic number insertion, call routing, real-time reporting
Startup Resources:Clemta - Logo
CLEMTA sets up your business in the United States, from incorporation to dissolution, one partner - one solution. We also offer post-incorporation services and many more!
Startup Resources:TaskSift - Logo
Losing track of customer issues? Bug fixing slowed down by the wrong tools and internal processes? Wasting time copying & pasting tickets? TaskSift helps you triage defects and create tasks faster
Hosted APIs to develop your app for free
The SEO tool that helps you find and fix issues
Curated list of 150+ directories to promote your startup
Powerful Web Testing tool.Tests hundreds of links at a click
Simple, fast payment links via Stripe
Create aesthetic videos for audio snippets of your podcast
Pipeline-centric CRM built and priced for small businesses
UX conferences, meetups and workshops in one place
The easiest way to edit your video
Visual Sitemap Builder
Intuitive email builder for teams
Free system for managing social networks and messaging apps
The fastest article rewriter
Privacy-focused surveys, polls and; forms
Book summaries that make you go "Aha"
Edit any website, no code required
A platform to build and share custom AI-based analytics
Easiest Digital Signage Software
Taking the risk out of healthcare
We connect journalists with business owners
All-in-One Platform for Video Streaming and Content
Build internal tools for your applications
Business occupancy monitor
Blog Writing for SaaS for a fixed monthly price
Find Business Emails and Phone Numbers with AeroLeads
Soleadify is the perfect tool to fuel B2B growth
Messaging SDK and chat API for mobile apps and websites
The fastest website builder ever
Boardle is the final destination to find and showcase workshops
Easiest way to embed charts
A search engine for the best public Google docs
Unlimited design for a flat monthly fee
AI Powered Call Tracking Solution
Set up your business in the United States
Triage and process customer issues easier