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What is Addmin?

Addmin allows you to centralise any document, set reminders, and tag them for you to effectively follow up and find it back whenever & wherever you need. Privacy-by-design ensures your data stay yours

  • About Addmin

    About Addmin

    Addmin is a mobile app that helps you digitize all of your important documents in one place. Let Addmin take care of their organisation and take them everywhere with you.

    Save time, transparency and be at peace with your paperwork. From contracts to invoices, warranties, and insurances documents, it is now time to kiss your binders goodbye and enjoy a paperless administrative organisation

  • Pricing


    • Free early version
    • Monthly and yearly subscriptions will be available Q1 2020
  • When to use Addmin

    When to use Addmin

    If you want a convenient, confidential & paperless paperwork organisation

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Paperless paperwork is more convenient when working remote and travelling
  • Testimonials


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  • Stéphane Journot

    Hi Remote.toolers 👋

    Stephane here, co-founder & CEO of Addmin.

    We all live very busy lives and too often find it difficult to keep our personal paperwork organised. That’s why we built a dedicated, all-in-one app for your personal administration, simplifying the paperless organisation and follow-up of your most important documents. Introducing www.addmin.com 🌱

    Whether scanning incoming mail or in-shop warranties, redirect PDFs via emails or importing digital documents from other platforms, Addmin allows you to centralise any document, set reminders and tag them for you to effectively follow up and find it back whenever and wherever you need. The privacy-by-design approach, coupled with a secure Swiss private cloud, makes for a secure and 100% confidential solution.

    How does it work?

    ⚓ Create a free account in seconds
    📑 Create documents using scan, import and PDFs redirection
    🔖 Start tagging and setting up reminders - we suggest classification 🤓
    🧘 Relax and follow up your paperwork conveniently
    🧬 Bonus point: easily customize your folders*
    ♻️ Recycle if doc is paper-based, The Earth thanks you

    • Currently available with lists of providers to chose from in 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇦🇹🇨🇭

    This is Addmin 101. It’s free and will remain so.
    Our team is currently working on advanced features that will be released as of next week:

    🤖 Classification automation and smart reporting
    👪 Multi-users access & editing
    🖥️ Cross-platforms access via web & laptop

    We’re very excited to provide this first version of Addmin and sincerely hope it will assist you in being 100% organised, conveniently and paperlessly. Your feedback is very much welcomed (and needed!). Don’t hesitate to reach out through in-app chat, via the website or directly to me at [email protected].

    ✌️ Greetings from our entire team based in Lausanne, Switzerland 🇨🇭

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