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What is Advertrader?

Advertrader is an advertising marketplace, where brands and organizations can find advertising ideas/opportunities globally.

  • About Advertrader

    About Advertrader

    Owners of ad space, can sell their inventory or connect with buyers using the Advertrade platform. 

    It is essentially a platform to find new avenues to advertise your product like different blogs and websites, social influencers etc.

  • Pricing


    • FREE to search and Advertising sellers are charged a per contact fee ($20) when they wish to connect with buyers.
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use Advertrader

    When to use Advertrader

    If a brand/organisation is looking for advertising alternatives they can search for ideas/opportunities. If a media seller is trying to find advertising buyers, then they can use the platform.

  • Know more

    Know more

    • Website/blog owners, youtubers, podcast hosts or influencers can use Advertrader to sell their advertising space.
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