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What is BlackHole?

Blockchain-based file transfer. Designed for everyday use.

  • About BlackHole

    About BlackHole

    BlackHole is secure, server-less file transfer that works with blockchain technology.
    It's an open-source project and available for Windows and Mac.
    BlackHole doesn't know about who, whom, what, and where the file shared!

    Here is where BlackHole shines:
    🔑 Secure as Crypto Money.
    📤 Data streaming.
    🍬 Designed for everyday use.
    🗜 Transfer compression.

  • Pricing


    • Free with 512 MB per file size limit and Unlimited storage. PLUS is coming for 8 GB (8,192 MB) per file size limit.
  • When to use BlackHole

    When to use BlackHole

    When you want to send a file to a teammate or someone in an easy but secure way.
    It is anonymous and encrypted too. It can be useful for sharing what you are working on with anyone around the world.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It is useful for sharing what you are working on with anyone around the world, and hence a great solution for remote workers!
    • Free plan + Handy shortcuts + High security + Smart compression + Streaming
  • Testimonials


BlackHole Reviews

  • Walterion

    Easy to use and fast. The shortcuts and the fact that I could send the link without waiting for the upload to finish are the best parts.

           reply     0      almost 5 years ago

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