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What is Bubbles?

With Bubbles, you can collaborate by simply clicking anywhere on your screen. Drop a comment and start a conversation with anyone. It is as simple as click, comment, and share

  • About Bubbles

    About Bubbles

    Some highlights about Bubbles:

    1. Capture a screen recording or screenshot of whatever's on your screen
    2. Drop a text or audio comments at the right place and time
    3. Share a unique secret link with your teammates (no sign-on required)
    4. Highlight important points in your recording
    5. Close out issues asynchronously

  • Pricing


    • Free forever
  • When to use Bubbles

    When to use Bubbles

    Anytime you want to collaborate over video's or screen capture

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Bubbles makes communication asynchronous
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