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What is Calendar.AI?

Calendar.AI is a calendar app and appointment scheduler that supercharges your meetings with insights about the people and companies you meet. View work history, social profiles, news and more

  • About Calendar.AI

    About Calendar.AI

    Calendar.AI provides business insights regarding the people and businesses you meet. See attendees job titles, photos, work history, & social media profiles.

    Our smart scheduling tool provides you a hassle-free scheduling link to send to others, based on your availability. Meeting polls allow for a group of people to “vote” on their preferred meeting time, saving an endless cycle of emails!

  • Pricing


    • Free plan available
    • For $4.99/month you get 30 insights each month
    • For $9.99/month you get unlimited insights each month
  • When to use Calendar.AI

    When to use Calendar.AI

    Calendar.AI is perfect for people who have numerous meetings throughout their work day and are constantly scheduling meetings. You pre-select your availability, and send a scheduling link to others enabling them to set meetings around your schedule which saves endless back and forth emails.

    The enriched data insights help you make an excellent first impression at meetings as you come with some common talking points. You save hours scouring the web for information about people

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • If you work on the go it isn’t always easy to sit down and schedule meetings with people. Our scheduling link provides a hassle free solution for that. If you spend your day running from meeting to meeting, the enriched insights allow you to come prepared with the information you need to make those meetings a success
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