”Hey Donna, can you please book a meeting with Mr. Smith for tomorrow?”, says Mr. CEO of Company X to his secretary. ”Also, please check his and my calendar as well before booking the meet.” Then begins the back-and-forth of emails between the secretary, Mr. Smith and Mr. CEO. If you’ve come across this scenario, then you know that this is a very inefficient and time-consuming way to do the simple task of scheduling a meeting. But don’t worry, we've listed quite a few of the best appointment scheduling apps and booking software that can automate this entire process so you can get time to focus on more important things.

best appointment scheduling software

Why would you need the best appointment scheduling apps?

One significant use case of booking apps is in the sales process. In order to not lose any of your potential customers and leads, it is of utmost importance that you make the process of scheduling a meeting or a call with you as simple as possible. For example, if you have created a form on your website which asks for a few details from the lead, then integrating a scheduling app such as Chilli Piper can help connect the prospective lead with the sales rep directly.

With a simplified workflow for booking appointments, remote working teams don't have to spend time writing emails, calling the secretary, making appointments, or going through the frustration of getting notified at the last minute if a meeting is canceled/ if the client is unavailable. Making use of apps such as Calendly ensures that every member’s convenience is taken care of by taking polls (which let you know a time suitable for most of your team members). The time optimized by using such similar apps eventually reflects positively on productivity.

Below is a handpicked list of the best appointment scheduling software and booking apps - a few of which are available for free while others have paid versions.

Scheduling:SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling Software - Logo
SuperSaaS is an easy to use, flexible and highly customizable online appointment scheduling tool.
Scheduling:Calbot - Logo
Calbot helps busy professionals schedule meetings when different calendar systems don't talk to each other
Scheduling:Chili Piper - Logo
Qualify, route, and schedule meetings when your prospects are most engaged.
Scheduling:Undock - Logo
Welcome to Predictive Scheduling. See instant suggestions for mutually preferred meeting times - right in your email. Meet with people across different organizations, calendars and time zones.
Scheduling:Calendly - Logo
Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
Scheduling:Woven - Logo
Woven brings powerful scheduling tools to your calendar. Sync all of your accounts and create fast one-off and published scheduling links directly from your calendar.
Scheduling:Calendar.AI - Logo
Calendar.AI is a calendar app and appointment scheduler that supercharges your meetings with insights about the people and companies you meet. View work history, social profiles, news and more
Scheduling:TeamTimes for Mac - Logo
Are you working with a distributed team? Trouble keeping track of everyone’s time zone and scheduling meetings? TeamTimes can help!
Scheduling:Inviited - Logo
Get on with real work 😎 with smart Meeting Scheduling. Say bye bye 👋 to email tag!
Scheduling:Elephant - Logo
Effortless reminders using natural language and SMS.
Scheduling:Campstarter - Logo
Find the best time and place for your event.
Scheduling:Arrangr - Logo
Arrangr, the knowledge leader in “intelligent” scheduling, is the fastest and easiest way to arrange a business meeting or get-together - virtually or in-person.
Scheduling:Timy - Logo
Best way to send scheduled messages in Slack.
Scheduling:Doodle - Logo
Get together with Doodle. The simple way to decide on dates, places & more.
Scheduling:Reclaim - Logo
Reclaim automatically finds and defends time on your calendar for you to get stuff done, and preserves your work-life balance by keeping your personal and work calendars in sync.
Scheduling:Zynq Scheduler - Logo
Schedule meetings from an email with 1 click!
Scheduling:x.ai - Logo
x.ai is a tool that helps you and your team share ideal availability so meetings get scheduled
Scheduling:Waqt - Logo
Waqt is a timezone tracking web app. Add timezones or cities to your list. When scheduling a meeting, change the time in one zone to have the others change.
Scheduling:Vyte - Logo
Smart all-in-one scheduling tool. Packed with powerful features that will save you time and ease all your headaches.
Scheduling:Instagantt - Logo
Manage your project plans like a pro. Schedules, tasks, timelines, and workload for your team with the best gantt chart software.
Scheduling:Accelo - Logo
Our cloud-based software manages all your client's work in one place, making your business more profitable and you less stressed.
Scheduling:Smoopit - Logo
Smoopit helps you schedule meetings without the extra effort of checking your availability or back-and-forth emails.
Scheduling:MeetFox - Logo
The one-stop-shop for all your client meetings!
Scheduling:Rendez - Logo
Rendez is a very easy online tool to schedule all your one-on-one appointments. Stop the endless back-and-forth; from now on, only go forth.
Scheduling:Doodle Bot for Slack - Logo
Forget about juggling between calendars and chat services, jumping between tabs or resending invites - use Doodle Bot to create and manage meetings where you work.
Scheduling:Taggg - Logo
Taggg is a group meeting scheduling software that uses calendar overlays to eliminate the back and forth when booking meetings with 3 or more people
Scheduling:Catchup Calendar - Logo
CatchUp is a fast, easy to use and fully featured calendar and event scheduling app that provides convenience to smartphone users in managing their daily schedules.
Scheduling: neatCal - Logo
Streamline your businesss, increase bookings, customers and revenue by using our powerful and user friendly platform.
Online appointment scheduling tool.
Effortless meeting scheduling
Scheduling, calendar and inbox for high performing sales teams
A predictive scheduling engine that superpowers your email
Helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
The all in one calendar
Discover everything about the people and companies you meet
Time tracking and meeting scheduling for Mac users.
Get on with real work with smart Meeting Scheduling
Effortless reminders using natural language and SMS
Find the best time and place for your event.
A simple, fast way to arrange a meeting
Best way to send scheduled messages in Slack
A simple way to decide on dates, places and more, for teams.
Automatic time blocking for WFH calendars
Schedule meetings from an email with 1 click!
x.ai is a free tool to schedule meetings
Tracking web app that helps easily schedule meetings across timezones
All-in-one scheduling tool.
Drag and drop Gantt charts
Cloud-based software that manages all your client's work in 1 place
Schedule meetings easily
One-stop-shop for all your client meetings
A very simple way to schedule appointments
Simple tool to find meeting times on Slack
Schedule Group Meetings Effortlessly
Plan and schedule meetings and events easily
User friendly scheduling applications