Healthcare Software:SafetyWing - Logo
As a software-based safety net, SafetyWing offers comprehensive health insurance for remote teams and companies. One plan that works globally for all your employees, from full-time to part-time.
Healthcare Software:International Citizens Insurance - Logo
International Citizens Insurance's mission is to educate consumers on the value of global medical, life, and travel insurance while providing a resource for them to research, compare, and purchase plans for their life abroad
Healthcare Software:Fovea EHR Archive - Logo
Triyam helps hospitals in data archiving solutions by archiving historical patient data from legacy EHRs to a less expensive archive data solutions, helping them stay compliant and save money.
Healthcare Software:Oncoshot - Logo
Oncoshot is a health-tech company works collaboratively with cancer patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to help elevate cancer research
Healthcare Software:Connect the Doc - Logo
Connect the Doc helps to connect patients with healthcare providers
Healthcare Software:Jane - Logo
Designed by real clinic owners, Jane is a health and wellness practice management platform designed to be helpful to you, no matter how or where you practice
Healthcare Software:NextGen - Logo
NextGen Healthcare is a leading healthcare software and services company that empowers the transformation of ambulatory care
Healthcare Software:HCI - Logo
HCI is a claims processing solution that helps businesses recover debts, manage insurance claims, and conduct employee training programs
Healthcare Software:Agiliux - Logo
Agiliux offers a suite of software-as-a-service solutions for the insurance industry to enhance distribution efficiencies and improving customer experience in the Asia Pacific region.
Healthcare Software:Medinous - Logo
Medinous is a fully integrated web-enabled hospital software for large, mid, and small-sized hospitals and clinics
Healthcare Software:Wellcare - Logo
Wellcare was founded in 2015 by doctors and software engineers with the ambition of delivering high-quality primary care to all Vietnamese through the use of telemedicine.
Healthcare Software:TCS Healthcare Technologies - Logo
TCS Healthcare technologies helps optimize clinical outcomes, maintain managed care compliance, and improve financial and operational excellence.
Healthcare Software:Lemonade Pet Health Insurance - Logo
Lemonade’s Pet Health Insurance designed for cats and dogs! Hassle-free digital experience. World’s fastest claims payment. Powered by AI
SafetyWing: your home country online.
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EMR/EHR data management solutions for HealthCare
Oncoshot improves access to life-changing cancer treatment
Healthcare appointment booking service
An online platform for health plus wellness practitioners
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Hospital Management System
The most trusted telemedicine provider
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Diagnose covid and other diseases from images