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What is Caveday?

Caveday is the world's most productive community. We come together everyday for 3.5 hour for group focus sessions led by an energizing guide. You'll get more done, find more flow, and gain more free time.

  • About Caveday

    About Caveday

    Remote work is freeing, but it comes with costs. We've created a battle-tested experience that the knowledge workers all over the world are using to get more done and feel less lonely. Each cave is a 3.5 hour group session run by a trained guide. The distraction-free session is comprised of focused sprints and energizing breaks. We hold each other accountable and celebrate the little wins along way.

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    • $35/month for membership. Drop-ins are $25. Get 50% a trial cave with code REMOTETOOLS.
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  • When to use Caveday

    When to use Caveday

    For remote workers who thrive with accountability and want to supercharge their productivity.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We empower remote workers to get more done in less time with fewer distractions. Joining our 3.5 hour group focus sessions will allow you to dive deeper, work smarter, and feel more connected to a community of do-ers.
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