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What is ClaerityAI?

Leveraging the power of AI our speech enhancement technology improves productivity by removing all unwanted background noise from around you and coming from the other speakers on your call

  • About ClaerityAI

    About ClaerityAI

    ClaerityAI recognizes human speech by the speaker and eliminates other noises in the background, improving the quality of all of your outbound and inbound conference calls.

    It offers enterprise level user provisioning so the IT department can control rollout, user access & upgrades.

    It works with all popular web conferencing platform such as Zoom, Webex, Teams, Google Meet etc.

  • Pricing


    • 30-day free trial available.
  • When to use ClaerityAI

    When to use ClaerityAI

    Easy to install & get going without worrying about background noise affecting your team calls, video conferences, webinars or online classes.

    Whether you're a speaker or a listener, Claerity AI can remove unwanted background noise with ease.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Working virtually with remote teams across the globe requires coordination and efficiency. Customers and colleagues alike get frustrated when there is a lot of unwanted background noise in the daily interactions. Not only does this create a poor professional impression but also has an adverse impact on the productivity of your employees. ClaerityAI prevents background chatter and traffic noise to impact your business.
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