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What is da Vinci?

da Vinci offers the simplest way to save links with your idea. Quickly and easily grab your inspiration right from your browser. Just one click to save, they will wait for you

  • About da Vinci

    About da Vinci

    There are two scenarios: reading later, and taking notes. You can do it the simplest way with da Vinci.

    The workflow's like a breeze. We gave special focus on the shortcuts so that this "tool" speeds you up.

    Also, we are planning to add a few core concepts like social, favorites, organizing, etc., all of them conceived and built in a very thoughtful way

  • Pricing


    • It's free for now
  • When to use da Vinci

    When to use da Vinci

    When you surf a lot on the internet - for work, for personal matters, or out of pure curiosity or entertainment. If you had strong desire to save your own ideas or notes about them, so that they never fade away with time, and become your valuable resource for creation

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • If you find information you want to save while working remotely, you can save it with da Vinci
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