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What is Flowstorm?

Speech is the most natural means of communication. Flowstorm helps you create digital personas not simple bots. Author a complex voice-first application with a drag-and-drop UI.

  • About Flowstorm

    About Flowstorm

    Create digital personas not simple bots with a no-code UI.

    Dialogues, snippets, topics are like Lego parts designed for a fast and easy building process.

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    • Free of Charge
  • When to use Flowstorm

    When to use Flowstorm

    You can use Flowstorm to build basically any conversational application e.g. a custom voice assistant, an educative application, interactive games and stories, or many other formats.

    Build HR assistants that save time and money, shopping assistants that help customers with their decisions, interactive manuals, car assistants, or even virtual sports trainers or applications in the mental health domain - assistants that offer first aid based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote companies can use this platform to create voice first applications with no code.
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