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What is Flujo?

With natively built key business essentials like Messaging, Audio/Video calling, Drive, Meetings, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, and Kanbans — Flujo is on a mission to create connected & productive workspaces

  • About Flujo

    About Flujo

    With Flujo you can —

    - Have one-one-chat and video calls with your teammates
    - Create any number of teams for focussed discussions
    - Schedule meetings with native Calandar
    - Store any number of files with a native drive that offers 100 GB of storage
    - Manage projects with native Kanbans
    - Connect your favorite apps with an ever-growing pool of integrations and a lot more form a single, easy to use interface.

  • Pricing


    • Free 90 day trial to begin with, priced at $3/ user/ mo
    • 12 month unconditional free trial for early stage startups, non-profits and female led startups
    • We'd be happy to offer an additional 3-month worth of credits to remote.tools audience essentially bringing the free trial to 180 days
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use Flujo

    When to use Flujo

    Whether you're a chain of grocery stores in a suburb or a creative agency with offices spread across continents — Flujo can do wonders to the way you work and train new members of your team.
    Flujo is designed to scale as your teams grow so that the knowledge within your teams is easily accessible by anyone who joins your teams in the future

  • Review by Remote Tools Team

    Review by Remote Tools Team

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Flujo takes away the pain of having your team knowledge and workflows being scattered across multiple business tools as everything you need to stay connected with your teams is available in one single place
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Flujo Reviews

  • Sai Teja

    Flujo is a simple and fast team communication app to boost communication and productivity in teams with affordable pricing.

           reply     0      over 3 years ago

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