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WEEK OF JULY 09, 2021

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What is GeeTest?

GeeTest is the world’s leading bot mitigation solution provider, protecting your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats.

  • About GeeTest

    About GeeTest

    GeeTest protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from bad bot attacks with zero user friction.

    Its self-learning defense model based on Graph Convolutional Networks and massive volumes of behavioral biometric data collected since 2012 allows GeeTest to identify and mitigate bad bots across all GeeTest-protected sites.

    At present, GeeTest serves over 290,000 businesses worldwide.

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    • Free Trial
  • When to use GeeTest

    When to use GeeTest

    With GeeTest you can protect your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats, web scraping, ticket scalping, account takeover, abusive traffic and ad fraud.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With GeeTest you can prevent data leak or breach in remote teams.
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GeeTest Reviews

  • hayley hong

    Big fan of this one. The most friendly CAPTCHA product for end users, unlike the dreaded matrix of traffic images.

           reply     0      almost 3 years ago
    • Selvia Cheng


             reply     0      almost 3 years ago
  • Selvia Cheng

    Best CAPTCHA product! GeeTest CAPTCHA better than reCAPTCHA!

           reply     0      almost 3 years ago

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